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List of terms[edit | edit source]

authentic data - see: data authenticity
big data
content mining
current research information system (CRIS)
data - see: data, information, knowledge, wisdom (DIKW)
data analysis
data archive
data archiving
data authenticity
data availability policy (DAP)
data centre
data citation
data cleaning
data cooking
data curation
data custodian
data description
data documentation - see: data description
data-driven science
data fabric
data format
data governance
data harvesting
data, information, knowledge, wisdom (DIKW)
data infrastructure
data integrity
data-intensive science
data interoperability
data journal
data life cycle - see: research data lifecycle
data library
data literacy
data management - see: research data management
data management plan (DMP)

data management policy
data mining
data officer
data paper
data preservation
data processing
data protection
data provenance
data publication - see: data paper
data quality
data repository
data science
data scientist
data retrieval - see: information retrieval
data re-use - see: data sharing
data seal of approval (DSA)
data set
data set description - see: data description
data sharing
data standard
data standardization
data steward
data stewardship
data storage
data store
data type
digital curation - see: data curation
digital object identifier (DOI)
digital preservation
digital repository
digital sustainability
enhanced publication - see: data paper
FAIR data
file format - see: data format
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - see: data protection
information retrieval
institutional repository (IR)
linked data
linked open data

markup language
metadata harvesting
open access
open data
open science
persistent identifier
primary data
processed data
public data
published data
raw data - see: primary data
research data
research data infrastructure - see: data infrastructure
research data lifecycle
research data management (RDM)
research data management plan - see: data management plan
research data management policy - see: data management policy
research information
research infrastructure
result data
science 2.0
secondary data
software sustainability
source data
standardization of data - see: data standardization
structured data
semi-structured data
text and data mining (TDM) - see: content mining
text mining
types of research data
trusted digital repository (TDR)
unstructured data
web data extraction - see: data harvesting
web scraping - see: data harvesting

Abbreviations and acronyms[edit | edit source]

CERIF - Common European Research Information Format
CRIS - current research information system
CTS - Core Trust Seal
DAP - data availability policy
DIKW - data, information, knowledge, wisdom
DMP - data management plan
DOI - digital object identifier
DSA - data seal of approval
GDPR - general data protection regulation
RDM - research data management
TDM - text and data mining
TDR - trusted digital repository